Planning a Successful Charity Golf Tournament

Holding a golf tournament can be a great way of raising money for a truly worthy cause. Golfers tend to be incredibly passionate about the sport and interested in sharing it with others, and they will often seek out opportunities to display it in an especially flattering light. That makes charity golf events some of the most popular ones of all, with the entrants eagerly plunking down even large entrance fees in order to compete and support the related cause.


Organizing such a tournament can also be relatively easy to do. Golf tournaments often benefit from a fair bit of preparation and planning, but that is not to say that anyone should ever be put off by the prospect of the work. In fact, there is often little enough to be done beforehand that even tournaments scheduled to take place on remote golf holidays typically go off without a hitch.

Certain details, though, will often be better arranged for as early as possible. One fixture of many a successful charity golf tournament is the hole in one prize award. Given out to any golfer who manages to accomplish the sport’s rarest and most dramatic feat, a prize of this kind will often be correspondingly generous.

Naturally enough, subjecting a charity event to the associated risk will typically be a bad idea. Instead, what most organizers will do will be to arrange for hole in one insurance that covers the cost of the prize in the unlikely event that it is awarded.

Because a single-stroke hole-out is such a rare thing, insurers are typically able to offer coverage with attractively small premiums. That will often make it possible for even a relatively minor tournament to offer something like a new car to any golfer who puts the ball in the cup from the tee.

That can greatly raise the profile of an event, making it even more successful at its intended purposes. In many cases, though, it will pay to lock down such details well before the event is to be held. While generally not all that much preparation and planning will be necessary, paying attention early on to issues like these will often pay off.

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